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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 11, 2015 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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this is the 10:00 o'clock news. >. armed robbery suspects still on the run after leading police on a wild chase through san francisco striking and killing a woman as they fled. good evening i'm ken pritchett
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in. >> and that deadly pedestrian crash is raising more questions about high speed chases in the city. new at 10:00 we found the robbers ditched the stolen car and slipped away. >> reporter: a bystander shot some of the early moments of the police chase and after just a few blocks comes the chilling radio car. >> ambulance, code 3 to 580, there's a victim of the chase. they hit her, she went flying. >> reporter: the pedestrian was a 42-year-old food service manager that ran several cafes at google headquarters. she died at the hospital. >> this house is full of her stuff, and it's hard. >> reporter: her long time friend and roommate said she
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had dinner plans. >> she's one of the nicest warmest people i've known. didn't have a mean bone in her body. super nice, would always help you. >> reporter: after hitting the woman, the stolen car with as many as four men inside sped to union square and struck a second person then south of market they ran a light and hit a car full of people, but no one was hurt. investigators say the suspect pull -- threw two hand guns out of vehicle early on. >> they were armed and committed numerous violent felonies. >> reporter: they were being chased in connection with several street robberies that evening, and others over previous day. an officer spotted the group and tried to pull them over. >> as soon as we lit the car up it took off right away, and
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within seconds it struck the pedestrian. >> reporter: after the suspect fled they ditched the car on treasure island. police swarmed and searched the area, but they were gone. >> it's so hard, i can't even believe it. >> reporter: her friend can't belief what happened. originally from maryland she's lived in the city some 20 years and loved it, especially her san francisco giants. >> >. i think police shouldn't do chases. >> reporter: her roommate isn't sold on high speed pursuit, but figures the robbers would have been driving recklessly, and i don't blame the police. the police stopped, the car would have kept going. it's not going to obey traffic signs because the cops aren't chasing it. >> today the police reached out to her father to express the
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department's condolences, and he asked them to do everything they can to catch the suspects. >> and you mentioned the second person struck? >> yes, he was struck and did go to the hospital, but he was awake and alert, his injuries not serious, very lucky. >> absolutely. thank you for the update. well as that search goes on, san francisco police made an arrest in a deadly stabbing. the victim a 34-year-old man of san francisco was attacked early yesterday morning near 45th in the outer sunset district. tips led to the arrest of a 39- year-old man, he's booked on murder and assault charges. police are asking anyone with information on the stabbing to contact them. a major intersection? san francisco looks to reopen on time tomorrow night.
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gary street is shut down for construction, crews are building a tunnel to connect the future california pacific medical center with medical offices across the street, but this weekend crews are installing the framework for underground work scheduled to take place later this summer. >> all summer long work will be going on underneath the road, and most of the pedestrians and vehicles will have no idea there's construction underneath it. >> it will close once more over labor day weekend. a potential threat of a shooting has security on high alert at the cal state east bay campus in hayward. the threat was overheard by a student who reported it to officials. >> reporter: a campus shooting threat prompted a serious warning to students at cal
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state university east bay. it's why more patrol cars and officers on bikes are covers every inch of campus this weekend. >> i'm happy they're on campus. >> reporter: university officials say a student jogging on this track ran past a group of people and heard one of them say he was going to bring a gun to campus and shoot on saturday. >> that was reported yesterday, began an investigation, and we decided to issue a timely warning to the campus community. >> reporter: university spokesman says alerts were sent out friday by e-mail, texted, and social media. >> i said i'll stay off campus, in my room the whole day, but i have freshman day of service. >> they canceled some events, but i'm not sure what. >> reporter: a fraternity fund raiser was canceled, but campus tours and other conferences went on as scheduled. >> i'm not too hesitant because i know i'm safe, and they're
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asking people questions if you're okay, so i feel safe so far. >> reporter: and so far all is quiet, but eyes are watching. >> we have to take everything seriously like that. it's the nature of things. that's the way things are these days. >> reporter: and students are hoping the potential shooting is nothing more than an empty threat. at cal state university, ktvu fox 2 news. new developments tonight in the on going clean up of that oakland creek following a cement spill. the assessment of the damage was finished. no figures out yet, but at least two birds died. on wednesday an employee left a valve open by mistake, allowing a dozen truck loads to pour into the creek. besides careening up the -- cleaning up the creek, they'll check storm drains that may have been affected. this was a historic day for us and cuba relations.
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for the first time since 1959 an american president met face to face with cuba's leader. president obama and castro both shook hands. cuba remains for now on the list of terrorist states, but president obama is taking steps to normalize relations. >> it will mean as we're already seeing more americans traveling to cuba, more cultural exchanges, more commerce, more potential investment. >> the president added it also means more opportunities for the cuban people. castro commented that his country is willing to discuss everything, but that it will take patience to completely restore relations. it was a sad day for a small town in south carolina as hundreds attended the funeral of a black man shot dead by a
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white officer. it's reignited outrage over police excessive force. some will hope it finally leads to solutions and bridge the gap between officers and the community. >> reporter: crowds of people lined the streets in south carolina as a hearse carrying walter scott drove by. >> their son will be reasonabled for changing the way -- remembered for changing the way we look at each other. >> reporter: scott, an african american father of four was shot and killed by police during a traffic stop. the shooting was caught an camera by a bystander, and appears to show scott running away as the officer fires at him eight times. the officer has been charged with murder and dismissed from the police force. >> what he did was wrong, what he did is unexcusable, and his actions at that point are why we are all here today.
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>> reporter: the shooting sparked a new wave of protests against police misconduct, and leaving elected officials scrambling to prevent similar incidents. body cameras may help, but even more needs to be done. >> we have problems in this country, and we better stop pretending that we don't. the only way to solve problems is to first admit you got them, and i think that this could be a catalyst for us to finally admit we have problems that need to be solved. >> reporter: a justice department spokesperson says the fbi has launched their own investigation into the shooting. san jose police are continuing to search for a man that allegedly killed his girlfriend as they were driving with their baby and other children in the backseat. the victim was kendra gonzalez
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of sacramento. the couple was arguing as they drove through san jose when butler shot her and left baby on the road. the children were left at that location as butler escaped. he should be considered armed and dangerous. he's five-five, 140 pounds, brown eye, black hair, and a mole near his left eye. a us governor coming to california to try to lure business away from the golden state. >> they come here because this is where all the jobs are. >> tonight at 10:00, the industry at the center of the battle, and why governor brown says he's not worried about losing anything. >> and preparing for the worst this summer, the wildfire training bringing cal fire and the national gashed together. >> -- guard together. >> also video evidence of a police officer using pepper
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spray and tasing a teen, it's what happened to this video that has people asking more questions. we continue in just # 0 seconds. -- 90 seconds.
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the girlfriend of a southern california man at the center of an alleged police brutality case is now speaking out. thursday a police helicopter captured deputies punching and
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kicking a 30-year-old after investigators say he tried to escape arrest. his girlfriend says she was stunned to see that video. >> the first thing i said was they can't do that. that is the first thing out of my mouth was they cannot do that. >> deputies originally went to his home to serve a search warrant on suspicion of identity theft. the sheriff says criminal investigations are underway into the ten deputies involved, all of whom are now on administrative leave. the man was released from the hospital and is now in jail. in virginia, police are investigating an officer use of force after cell phone video appears to show him using a shun gun on a teen -- stun gun on a teen twice in the arrest, but there's also questions about what happened after the teen was arrested. >> get this on video right now. >> it's on video. >> reporter: you're looking at video from a traffic stop in early february. three teens say they were detained for suspicion of
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marijuana. 17-year-old brandon wine refused to get out of car, and after he was maced, police pulled out a taser. >> get out of vehicle now. get out! get out! you're going to get it again! >> reporter: the video brought questions of extreme force on wine. >> his hands are up and over his eyes, now at this point in my opinion everything is fine, what the police have done are fine. >> reporter: we took the video to a virginia beach lawyer who find part of this troubling. >> he was not a threat, tasing him is not necessary. he's clearly immobilized by the pepper spray, they could have dragged him out. >> reporter: there's going to be people that say why didn't he just get out of the car?
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>> he was probably scared. >> reporter: this was the driver. >> one of the most traumatic experiences. >> reporter: and what troubles her more, the clip, the video was gone. >> it wasn't there, and i was like oh my gosh it wasn't there, and i went to recently deleted photos the next day, and it was in there. >> reporter: we asked the police about the potential of officers deleting the video, they know about the allegations and are looking into it. >> and that was jason marks reporting. if an officer did attempt to try and delete the video that would be quote a big problem. gun lobbyists at the nra convention today heard a lot about firearms and the 2016 presidential race. thousands are attending the convention in nashville this weekend. gop contenders including
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florida senator rubio were there working the crowd. >> it's described first and foremost as the commander in chief, but president obama treated it like an afterthought. >> on monday senator rubio is expected to announce he's running for president, the third republican to enter the race, unlike rand paul he'll not rerun for senate as he campaigns for the nomination. clinton is expected to formally announce her candidacy tomorrow, president obama said she'd make an excellent president, and clinton sent out a memo to supporters outlining the principles of her campaign. the us capitol reopened to the public after gunshots triggered a security lock down. at this time they say it was a
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man that shot and kidnapped himself. the lock down was a precautionary measure. they were packed with tourists in town to see the cherry blossom. the bomb squad arrived to examine a backpack and rolling suitcase, but nothing threatening was found. >> they started clearing everybody out. they did a good job, they approached the body, and realized there was a suitcase there, not just him. the suitcase was upright, so as soon as they did that, they started clearing everybody out. local police, park, police, the fbi and secret service will investigate the case. cal fire is gearing up for the wildfire season with help from the national guard, both took part in aviation fire training today. helicopters are essential for tackling fires in forest and steep terrain, or any time fires are spreading too fast for ground fires to contain. it was also meant to help them work together in what's expected to be a very tough
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summer. >> we're in the fourth year of a very severe drought, so it's making things worse. more and more fires every year, and larger more devastating fires. >> cal fires reported last year more than a half million acres burned here in california and one person was killed. florida's governor is in the golden state hoping to lure away california jobs. the numbers governor brown is relying on that show business is better here. >> and music, a constant for a bay area teen, this young man who's street music helps him feel right at home. another round of sunshine here today in the bay area. coming up a temperature change in your sunday forecast, and when we could track at least the chance of a few sprinkles.
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>> tonight we want to introduce
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you to a student at a local high school. the teen's love of music has helped him feel right at home here in the us. >> reporter: this sound ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: is something that has been with 16-year-old lee for almost as long as he can remember. it speaks to him as little else does ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: a year and a half ago, the rhythm of this 16-year- old's life changed. he moved to a new country, a new school, and a new home. he first started playing in elementary school. the instrument is called the chinese violin. a few months ago while working in san francisco's china town, he heard its familiar sound.
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>> i saw a bunch of like musicians, they play all kinds of music. >> reporter: since then he's been coming here, riding the bus after school and on weekends. sometimes playing alone. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: often playing with the other street musicians. >> two months ago i played with them every week. >> reporter: only school work keeps him from coming more. he comes because he loves to. >> because i enjoy the music. >> the music itself, it is calming. >> reporter: as it calls to stranger on the street. >> it's very peaceful. >> reporter: simple notes on a
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street corner. the two strings bridge what he knew. >> we usually play at night in china. >> reporter: with what he knows. it is his path and future. a celebration of a life well-lived today at at&t park as hundreds toasted a young man described by a friend as the heart and soul of the giants. the giants opened the park to celebrate the life of bryan, the 30-year-old giants fan passed away monday from a rare form of cancer. he became a spokesman for cycle for survival, an organization that raises money for cancer research. his friend say he would be thrilled to see the energy and optimism at the celebration today in his honor. >> this is amazing, very
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surreal, but exactly what he would have wanted. he's, i don't know, in my head right now he's going like yes, best party ever! >> it was just something spectacular, and we'll probably never see again. >> brian's father said his son died at peace surrounded by family and closest friends. >> and he was just so full of energy during that fund raiser. glad to see so many people coming together to remember him. well his favorite team was on the if he would today, but the lefty left the mound quickly. what the padres have only done once before. >> plus another governor in california hunting for jobs, why governor brown isn't worried they'll be leaving any time soon.
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florida governor rick scott is job hunting here trying to lure california jobs to the sunshine state. he's touting florida's lack of income tax, but we talked to governor brown today who seemed unconcerned california jobs would head east. >> reporter: at the western days festival, governor jerry brown was judging a food competition. brown didn't seem at all concerned about florida governor scott's upcoming trip to try and lure california companies away. >> they come here because it's where all the jobs are. >> reporter: the florida governor is targeting shipping related industry, and wrote an open letter to california businesses last month. last year the governor of texas
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came to sacramento on the same sort of job you want. governor brown -- hunt. governor brown says because california is a leader in jobs. >> we're growing fast, so every wants to come here and look at your jobs and agriculture. >> reporter: but the ceo of greater sacramento, the economic development organization says state leaders shouldn't stand by and let other governors steal jobs away. >> scott's snot coming here -- not coming here because he isn't bringing jobs back to florida. you don't bring him here unless he has four or five companies that want to come to your state. >> reporter: he says the state needs to fight back. >> that expert said governors of other states often give california's economy for a bad
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wrap, but as of last year california companies are 300 percent more profitable than those in florida. the un appealing to syria to find a peaceful resolution to a crisis in a palestinian refugee camp that's beginning to resemble a death camp. the 18,000 people are said to be severely malnourished and dehydrated after they were invaded nine days ago. the camp is its on the outskirts of damascus, and those inside are trapped between the militants and the president's forces. the government continues to bomb the area. un secretary general described the camp as the deepest circle of hire. and tears today as survives
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returned to a concentration camp to celebrate the anniversary of its closing, but the survivors spoke of piles of dead bodies outside, and remembered those gassed soon after they passed through the gates. more than 250,000 men, women, and children were held there from its opening until it's closing eight years later. 87 years ago, a wisconsin girl dropped out of school to care for her eight younger months and sister, and this week she received her high school diploma. >> it's my great honor to present you with your honorary high school diploma. >> she expected to graduate back in 1928, but had to drop out. hunt says getting this is a dream come true, and to her it means she's had a successful
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life. neighbors and gardeners in san francisco came out to harvest a new community garden. it's the first asian-themed. they had traditional asian vegetables, according to supervisor, the garden sits on what was once a junk-filled pile of land. >> an industrial part of san francisco that's being repurposed, and coming back to life. literally feeding life. >> we like it very much, and especially when the vegetable grows up and we feel very happy. >> there are future plans to build a gazebo at the site. two weeks after more than 1,000 climbers fought argue -- our way up one of the tallest buildings in san francisco, more than 400 people took the
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stairs in sacramento for the american lung association's fight for air climb. the money raised helps the association improve lung health and cure lung disease. climbing 34 floors, and more than 600 steps also gives parts parties -- participants to understand what it's like to live with lung disease. >> it shows what it's like to struck toll breathe, and -- struggle to breathe, and that's a daily challenge for those with lung disease. >> this is their biggest fund raiser in the sacramento area, as it was in the san francisco area. the goal today was to raise $96,000, but want to point out, the folks in sacramento climbed 600 stair, big shout out to us, we climbed 1100 stairs. >> your building was a little taller. well, it's a sure sign of spring, the beautiful sight of cherry blossoms, the new
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edition to this tradition that had families lining up today. >> but it was great, all the steps for a good cause. and we have the sunday forecast up next. mark will have the forecast next.
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and they'll be given to a local foster child in need. another day of full sunshine in the bay area. on the way to work i saw the boats on the bay, so here you have it. mostly clear skies over san francisco, and a bit of a chop on the bay waters. winds though backing off a bit into your sunday forecast. today though temperatures feeling comfortable. 60s, and 70s out there.
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a string of 70s for livermore and concord, and santa rosa. higher clouds approaching the extreme northern parts of the state. we have some fog developing near the coastline. looking toward the west late this afternoon and evening hours, you could see the fog bank regrouping near half moon bay, so this will expand in coverage into the overnight hours. current numbers in the 50s with santa rosa 59, livermore 58, concord 60, and san francisco 56. live camera showing you this, the bay bridge, and mostly clear skies, bits of a breeze out there -- bit of a breeze out there. mostly sunny and warm tomorrow, and extended forecast, a big warm up with the readings, in fact more 80s showing up on the long range maps.
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partly cloudy first thing tomorrow morning, sop patches of fog -- some patches of fog around the pay. 40s to around 50. temperature time line in hayward, patchy fog in the morning. temperatures in the lower 50, and back into the lower # 0 -- 70s by 2:00 and 3:00 o'clock. a's baseball, temperatures around 70, and monday we're talking act the giants home opener. that forecast is looking good as well. so here high pressure developing offshore. sunday mild, and warmer than today. more 70s in the forecast map, and winds, a little breeze developing. there is a weak system approaching the region monday, so definitely cooling things off, late monday night into early tuesday morning there is a chance we could have a few sprinkles here in the bay area, primarily in the north bay.
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clearing skies sunday, into monday, rain fall to the north, and this system falls apart over the bay area, but we might have a few showers late monday into early tuesday morning, once that system moves out we'll have clearing skies for tuesday, and some gusty winds. temperatures for tomorrow, a lot of 70s out there. walnut creek 78, and some 80s near antioch and brentwood. look ahead, the five-day forecast, temperatures cooling off into monday, clearing skies for tuesday, and get ready for a big warm up, wednesday and thursday back up to the 80s, and friday, warmest locations coup approaching 90, so some big changes in the overall weather pattern, reason to be at the beach later in the week plan that now. >> i'm planning that now. thanks. well, you know it's spring when the cheerily blossoms are in -- cherry blossoms are in bloom. today was the first day of the
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festival, the 48th annual event takes up several block, and feature's mix of old and new with traditional japanese food and music, and origami and workshops for the kids. >> this is one place where you can find all japanese culture here, so it's really interesting you can actually come to one place and find everything that's japanese here. >> one of the big highlights is that, the hello kitty cafe. loyal fans lined up this morning. it honors 40 years of hello kitty culture with cakes and other goodies. >> it's a whole different sensory experience, so everything is infused with hello kitty cuteness. >> the festival continues through tomorrow and again next weekend with a big parade next sunday afternoon. coming up next we hear from
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the a's after an extra inning game against the mariners. >> >. and it was a big day at the master, third round action coming up next in sports.
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did evening, welcome to sports wrap. 21-year-old jordan speith is still on a record pace at the masters. it's been an encouraging day for tiger woods watchers, he had his best round of tournament today, watch how close he comes to an eagle.
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he shot a 68, six under par for the tournament, but that's ten strokes back. jordan was living right on the ninth hole. hits the lip and rolls the right direction, and sets up a birdy. he was one under for the round. hoffman was paired with jar dan, long -- jordan. long attempt, and this goes dead center. he shot a round of 71, all alone in fourth place. three time masters winner mickelson alone in third. he shot a 67 today to get into the final day picture, and justin rose, second place, from the bunker at 16, won't need to putt. he birdied five of the last six
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holes. spieth take's double bogie but this shot saved the hole. he gets the ball to stop close enough to make par and end the round of 2 under par 70. he's still on a record pace, 16 under, and the first to shoot under 200 after three rounds in master history. he's still in the driver's seat, but just a little wobbly when his round ended. >> obviously would have liked to finish the round a little better, but it could have been worse, and very pleased with the up and down on 1. took some -- 18. took some guts, and having been on tour for a few years, i felt confident enough playing the full flop. >> jordan has a four-streak lead over rose, up five on


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